6-Month Coaching Program

Start your public health consulting business in this step by step coaching program that moves you from your ideas to starting your business.

  • Prepared videos, guides, and resources

  • Monthly live 1:1 coaching sessions [once per month]

  • Receive specific answers and feedback to your individual questions

  • Custom coaching support as you take your first steps


Addressing The Challenges

This program addresses some of the most common challenges to getting started with public health consulting.

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    Narrow down all of your ideas to point of focus for your consulting business.

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    Get clear and specific about who your client is, and how you will serve them.

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    Establish strategies to help you find your ideal clients.

This program is for you if...

  • You really want to start a consulting business, but just don't know what to do first or where to start.

  • You really want to start a consulting business, but don't know how to manage the business while still working a full time job at the same time.

  • You really want to start a coaching or consulting business, but don't know how to set fees, get clients, and make money.

  • You have very creative and unique ideas for a public health business, but you worry that your ideas aren't good enough or if you're qualified.

  • You have great ideas for a public health business, but you're afraid others will think your ideas are too "different" and you're not sure where to start, so you've been keeping it all to yourself.

  • You really want to start a consulting business, but you're simply afraid to step out there.

Meet Your Coach

Program Coach

Dr. CH Huntley

Dr. Charlotte Hughes Huntley is a recognized leader in the public health industry, with over 20 years of successful experience in healthcare and public health. A trailblazer within the public health community, Dr. Huntley focuses on bridging the gap that exists between public health and entrepreneurship. In taking the big leap into consulting over four years ago, Dr. Huntley has served as the go-to for public health experts looking to explore avenues in consulting. Her mission is to support public health entrepreneurs and health-focused industry leaders who are passionate about improving health outcomes for people around the world. She is also the host of the Public Health Epidemiology Conversations Podcast, a successful weekly podcast show founded in 2017. Dr. Huntley holds a PhD in Public Health with a specialization in Epidemiology, a Master of Public Health, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Clinical Research Administration.

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Do You Still Have Questions?

If you are interested in enrolling in this program but still have questions, then you're invited to schedule a quick call with Dr. Huntley to get answers.